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Danatec’s award-winning Workplace Hazardous Materials course.

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TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

Danatec’s award winning, industry recognized Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) online training course.

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TDG (Lithium Batteries Ground Transportation)

With the increasing presence of rechargeable electronic devices, lithium batteries have become ubiquitous, since they are frequently the power sources for these devices.

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BC Serving it Right

Serving It Right is British Columbia’s responsible liquor sales and service program for industry workers, that everyone involved in the sale and service of liquor has to take. 

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Safety on the Farm

Safety on the Farm e-learning course introduces learners to farm safety and emergency preparedness topics using interactive and engaging activities and scenarios.

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Active Assailant

The Active Assailant Course was developed for AHS (Alberta Health Services) to train employees on the proper procedure and handlings of an active assailant situation.

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Blended First Aid Training

St. John's Ambulance's blended online First Aid and CPR Training course.

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An Act to Protect Patients/Investigating Complaints

This course was developed for the Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professions to highlight the act to protect patients and investigating complaints. 

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Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training

A online Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training in conjunction with Global Training Centre.

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Cannabis at Work

Cannabis safety awareness at work. 

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CNA Introduction to the Code of Ethics

Understanding the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. 

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ProTraining's Mental Health Awareness

This course is designed to improve the quality of interactions between police officers and those who have, or may have, mental health concerns. 

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IAPD Fire/EMS Professional Driver Improvement Course

A professional driver improvement course for Fire and EMS workers. 

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Capital Power Orientation

This course was developed as an orientation for Capital Power.

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Fire & Flower Guidebook

This course was developed for Fire & Flower to serve as the employee guidebook.

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Fire & Flower Welcome to Cannabis

This course was developed as an introduction to the world of cannabis.

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Children's Services Sexual and Gender Diversity

This course was developed for Children's Services to inform and educate about sexual and gender diversity. 

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EPS Resiliency Training

A psychological safety and resilience training course for police organizations.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Dead

Solve the murder as the sheriff of this western town.

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Basic Security Guard Training

An online basic security guard training course.

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Online Commerical Trailer Safety

An online training course for Commercial Trailer Safety. 

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